Captain Midnight R.I.P.

Know Randy had some friends here, wanted to let them know he passed away recently after a battle with cancer.


He will be missed by many....

No shit. Didnt know him personally but appreciated his contributions to our world.

My condolences to the family.


I didn't know Captain Midnight, but my condolences to his family and those here who knew him.

Thanks guys.  I remember him because he would come to our camp+rides and series event's.  Only guy I knew who would ride cross state in the rain, do a poker run or enduro (on a unsuspecting bike), then ride home. Hard core dualsporter.  We also had great motor- head technical discussion's around the camp fire.

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Sorry to hear this, a true mind. My thoughts for his family.

didn't know him but while lurking read all his posts, a true friend to the sport and will be missed.  God Bless.

Sorry to hear it. He seemed like a nice fellow. We need more like him.

I always enjoyed reading his posts.  Please do extend my condolences to his family.  :(


Spud :)

Like many on this site I did not know Randy personally but the fact that he was on this site made him an OK guy.

My deepest condolences to his family


We've lost a world of XR knowledge with him. Deepest sympathies

rest in peace...

Deepest sympathies to family & close friends. I too valued his input, even though I did not know him personally.

Oh man I'm sorry to hear this. RIP CM. Always enjoyed reading the knowledge he possessed.

Well that sucks........he had alot of cool ideas and alot of knowledge that will be missed...



Sad to hear. RIP

He will be missed on more then one level, there are so few people out there now days who have the skill to tinker and create and have the knowledge that he did, there are still several things I wanted to pick his brain about and help with projects I was planning.

rest in peace.

Yes..Bad loss..Fly well Midnight.






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RIP  Captain Midnight.. Thank you for all you shared.

great loss and a nice guy. he was also a gun smith and owned lynnwood gun and ammo near seattle.

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