Which bike should I keep?

I am going to have to sell one of my bikes.  I recently came up on another bike and now I am trying to decide on which bike to keep.  I have 3 bikes right now.  Here are the bikes.  I have a 2002 KX250, 2004 CRF250X with CCC mods in good shape, and just picked up a 2006 WR450F.  It is in pretty good shape as well, It could use some new graphics and a new tire but other than that seems pretty solid.  I am out in southern to central CA with hills and desert. 


I wasnt really looking for a bike when I came up on the WR.  I was happy with my other 2 bikes and was selling a well used Jeep Cherokee.  The guy offered to trade the bike for the Jeep and we traded strait across.  So now I have this bike and trying to decide what to do. 


Just looking for some pros and cons from everyone else.

I would off the 250x. I can't say that I'm a fan of 250f's.

I'm in the same boat.

I have an 02 cr 250, 02 YZ 144, and 07 CRF250 R

All three bikes are cherry.

Selling the 250f and keeping my CR for trails and YZ for track

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My first inclination is to just off the WR as I was happy my other 2 bikes.  That being said the idea of the 450 Flat out in the desert or in Deep sand sounds better than the Honda.  The KX would not typically be my choice to get rid of as it is my only true MX bike but really I do not ride MX very often.  To be honest I would love to find a way to keep all of them as they all have strengths and weaknesses.    The honda for tight single track.  The Yamaha for flat out desert roads and the KX for when I want to huck it off a jump.    Wish I could afford to keep them all.

Get rid of the 250f, no bueno for desert riding. Use to have a 06 yz450 and it killed it in the desert! Took it to rasor rd. a few times. Best time of my life, got rid of that and then took a 08 crf250r there and it was kinda disappointing.

Yeah .. Off the 250F

Yeah .. Off the 250F

Ride the KX250 on single track and the WR450 in the open. Off the 250X. 

I decided I am going to try and plate the WR450 and keep them all. 

Now you're talking sense! Keep 'em all

....although, my 2000 kx250 works just fine in the dunes or desert. Gotta have one 2 stroke at least. Have fun on your 450! I bet it rips

It does run good.  I had to alter my riding style a little bit to really take advantage of the power delivery.  The WR450 is not really a high revving motor.  It likes to be shifted early and let the power build.  I did make a mistake last week sometime when I went out and was messing with the bike and left the ignition button in the on position.  Not use to having an on and off switch on my dirt bikes.  It kick starts easy enough though so when I rode it today I had to kick or roll start it down a hill.  I need to get a trickle charger so I dont cook the battery.

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