06 yz 450 first ride report

We were just goofing around on a mini track, some wide trails, and a few jumps. Jetting seemed real good. No bog at all, previous owner has adjustable leak and remot a/f screw. Bike luggged well. I have suspicions I have a FWW. the rear suspenders seem good and forks are brutal, plus they are leaking bad. I was worried about switching to thumpers, but so far I am happy. I did learn they are hard to start when out of fuel.:blink:

There isn't a few for this bike, just a heavier flywheel FYI. This is a killer machine enjoy.

$ for $ the 06 is hard to beat. Replace those fork seals and rebuild the forks properly before you decide to have them revalved. The common complaint with them is they are not compliant on square edge bumps- acceleration/braking bumps, but that can be fixed in a revalve.

I felt that the forks absorbed the big hits very well. It was the little ruts and bumps where they didn't even move that I didn't like. I am going to have to buy a manual and read up. I have been trying to use the pdf manual and it is just a pain. It would be cool to have an English only version to print. O well.

I have the fmf factory 4.1 and need to put a sparky in it. I didn't realize the sparky inserts were so inexpensive. Has anyone used one of the quiet inserts? If so what happens to power delivery?

The 06 is going on 8yrs in use,those forks need a rebuild,new/fresh the 06-14 forks are excellent. The 06-09 450s are really good bikes.

No doubt they could use freshening up, but would that explain them being painfuly harsh on little chop and able to soak up big hit? I really don't know?

It could.  May need to back of the compression adjusters a little, too.


Old oil and loose bushings will make it feel harsh overall.

06 to current yz have the best fork/shock feel right out of the box. Their really good on the small chop,ect. The bike you rode needs a service from what you've stated bad.

No telling where the adjustments are set, either.

I wish I had more time to mess with it. Looks like the cold is moving in here. I really need to replace the coolant. Would be pretty embarrassing to freeze it and ruin something. I rebuilt the oc forks on my katoom. Would these be much different? I guess I should buy a manual before I ask a bunch of questions. Sorry. I am the third owner. I am guessing the first raced it. (Holeshot device) and the second was an ally racer(rear tire wear)

I was going to buy one so I didn't have to print 650 pages. I guess I could just print what I need. I do like to read the manuals though.

I checked the compression clickers and they could not turn any further in the stiffer direction. They guy I bought it from was a lot lighter than me. Maybe he was trying to do stoppies. I will have to play with it.

I checked the compression clickers and they could not turn any further in the stiffer direction.


That explains at least part of their being "painfully harsh", hm?

I think the previous owner was an alley racer. I put a new rear tire on and a third of the spokes were loose. I hope this bike is ok.

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