Starting my 86 Xr250 after a fall

So I've fallen a couple times on my bike and afterwards I usually have a little trouble getting it to start. It has started everytime afterwards, but it takes a little more kicks then I'd like. Anyway. I was just wondering if there was any trick to help start the bike in case I ever have more trouble getting it to start.

Thanks for your help!

Turn off gas.  Drain float bowl.  Turn on gas.  Kick.  That what I do for my XR250L.

Starting your kick from any place other than TDC is a wasted effort, so you can cut out a lot of extra kicking by just making sure you start from TDC.


If I recall, the float bowl overflow tube is on the right side of the bowl, so leaning the bike over to the right with the petcock shutoff will drain the bowl. Watch for gas to run out of the line below the bike.


But instead of immediately opening the petcock again before starting, as XRMarc suggests, leave it closed and start the bike with the low fuel level in the bowl making for a lean condition, as when you dumped the bike, it most likely became flooded. Get the bike started, then turn the petcock back on.

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