My new to me TT600

It's a 1983

I got it through a series of trades and deals that kind of goes like this.

-A couple of summers ago I leant a helping hand to a marina for a week and got a Sea-Raider jet boat with a blown motor in trade of my services.

-I traded the jet boat as is for $300 cash, a Gibson Les Paul, a Hyburn electric bass, a mint Ibonez RG and a couple of amps.

-I then traded the Gibson Les Paul and the bass for a 1989 polaris 250 trail boss.

-I traded the trail boss for 2 V65 Honda Magnas, an '83 and a '84.

-I sold the '83 Magna for $1,500 cash.

-I took $800 of that cash and picked up an '82 XT200

-Traded the XT200 for an early 70's terra jet.

-Traded the terra jet for an '86 Virago 1100

-And finally... traded the Virago for this bike.





How does it run ?

Looks like fun!

How does it run ?

Not very well at the moment... It has 5 year old gas in it right now.

It had a mouse nest in the air box and the filter got chewed up a bit.

I did get it to fire up for a bit but I want to go over it real good before I try to run it.

frankly I loved them old TT`s

Sweet! I got a XT550 with four year old gas in it cause the PO drove it under a truck (yes, literally drove it under a truck). Still ran. Kinda hard to ride through cause the clutch cable was broke, tires were flat, forks were bent and that's just the big items.


The XT/TT 550/600 is a great machine. Once you get it running right, you're going to love it.

I agree, I absolutely love my 85 TT600. It's a ball tearer!

Hi, Love your TT600. I have 2!!  And a XT600, XT550!! BIG FUN!!

Uni-filters has a air filter for the TT for about $25.00!

I see theres no kicker, get a one off a XT600. The TT one is crap.

Have fun! Post with updates!!!

Hi, Love your TT600. I have 2!!  And a XT600, XT550!! BIG FUN!!

Uni-filters has a air filter for the TT for about $25.00!

I see theres no kicker, get a one off a XT600. The TT one is crap.

Have fun! Post with updates!!!

Thanks, and yeah, the kicker was kind of "fixed up" by the PO... lol.

It still did the job but sloppy as heck and dangerous to say the least :-/

And where do I find this Uni-filters?

I won't really be having much time to work on it for a few more weeks but in the meantime I'm trying to get the missing parts lined up and a little more info on the beast.

The right engine cover was patched up with JB weld and ??? by the kicker.

I'm also missing the dip stick for the oil tank and both side covers/number plates.

The rear fender is from a different bike and was hacked to make fit but it will have to do for now.

There's no inner fender to protect under the seat and mono shock.

I have a feeling the front fender isn't the stock fender either.

....and fork seals...

Does anybody know how many oz of oil goes in there off-hand?

I'm thinking I will probably strip it down and repaint while I'm at it, maybe even get it powdercoated...

Yes, your tt will need some work. I see theres no guide on the swingarm. On E-bay you can get one. About $30.00 shipped. Look for a  air filter there too.

The fenders are not stock. The front will have holes in the back of the fender. The back is not stock. Theres a light and about 5 holes in the rear fender.

I have a  stock front fender,  oil cap, and a use, has a crack in it rear fender for sale.

 See Ya!! BIG ED XT&TT 600 FAN!!

The TT600 has the oil in the frame set up, right? There's a dipstick in front of the gas tank? If so , drain the oil out of the bike and change the filter - you need to do that any way, may as well. Quickly pour a quart of oil in the tank, stick in the dip stick and pull it out. If it needs a little more oil to show the tank is full, add it quickly. These are dry sump bikes but typically they drain into the case when they've left the dealer's show room. Add just enough oil so it shows full on the dip stick. From now on, when you want to check the oil level in the bike, start it, let it run for a minute and then check the dip stick immediately after shutting off the bike.

That's the only way I've found that works for oil in the frame bikes.

For everything else, there's usually a volume marked on the side and a sight glass so you know how much to put in when it's empty and how much oil you need to add pre-trip each time you ride it.

The TT600 has a oil tank. No oil in the frame deal. Good Luck!!

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