02 yzf250

Just picked up a 2002 yzf 250. Needs a new gas tank what years are compatable?

I dont think any of the years have changed as far as gas tank goes.

Not sure if the tanks changed in 05 when they went to aluminum frame...beat bet would be up to 04

check yamaha parts fiche and see if they are the same #'s from 02 -05. Also check the 450 part #'s as often times they are the same.

Hmm, not exactly accurate replies. 01-02 definitely fit. 03-05 maybe, but probably not. 2006 was the first aluminum frame and it would be difficult to make the 06-09 fit. The 2010+ are perimeter frame, and no way do these yrs fit.

Of course, I guess with creativity, you can make most anything fit, sort of like this very clever multi-use motorcycle, LOL.

Clever multi-use motorcycle.JPG

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98-02 four stroke YZF's bike fit your bike. Includes the 400 426 and 250

98-02 four stroke YZF's bike fit your bike. Includes the 400 426 and 250

This is the real deal. You can also fit a 98-02 wr tank if you get the wr seat too. Lots of people swapped em out back then, so if you need extra capacity, wr stuff could be cheap.

Thsnks for all the replies I found s 03 yzf tank on ebat fitd perfectly

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1383027546.150808.jpg well here she is with a new tank and plastic

A YZ with a kickstand?


I've often toyed with the idea of putting on on my KX250.  RIde with kids a lot and often have to "stop and help".  Those kick stands really work well to hold the bike upright.

Yeah its a yzf all the people I know with 4strokes have them. Definitely s great accessory

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