Best acerbis hand guards?

So I just bought a 2006 yz250 and I need some handguards for riding in the bush. I like the look of the acerbis ones and all my friends use them and swear by them so I want to get a pair. But what pair? Acerbis x-force or mx vented? They both look good and the xforce ones are generally used for offroad purpose and yep you guessed it the mx ones are used at the track. Any replies will be helpful thanks :)

Acerbis used to be good. The recent ones are softer than solder however. They bend easily, and when they do, the wrap-around plastic restricts movement of your levers. Now, I don't know about you, but I have bark busters so they save my levers (and hands). I would go with Cycra, that's what I use. They're built really solid, and they look great too. Enduro Engineering/Moose are great too. If you want a rock solid mount, search up Bonz, or BRP.

Most friends I know swear by Acerbis Rally hand guards for their offroading/trails.  I would say those X-force guards are designed for "light" debris like brush, and roost for on track action.   Not sure how much coverage you are looking for.

Cycra pro bend wrap all the way around kinda like this ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382156188.918975.jpg and they'll save your levers for sure

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