83 xr500r no spark

Hi all, restoring the old girl. I had re assembled all the wiring back on the bike. I basically just pulled it off and put it back on and plugged it all back in i did not tamper with anything. Now i have no spark. I did take both left and right cases off for painting. But have reassembled and again i did not tamper with anything just pulled stator out 3 bolts and put back in after painting. Also i did not touch pulse gen in other side. Is there something i may have missed?? Whatever it is it cant be much as bike was running perfect before teardown. Any help on this would be great. Cheers

Clean all the grounds

I have cleaned all grounds

I dont know the xr hondas at all well however I have just spent 6 months sorting out the ectrics on an XT 550.

The best way to determine the fault is to check out the electical items with the multimeter.

Stator make sure the power leads are not grounding there should be no continuity from the leads to the stator and the ground

That is where my fault was. I had the bike running and it suddenly went no spark for no reason.

I am sure you have checked the plug as my nippers XR 80 went no spark as there was dirt right up inside the plug between the insulator and the outer even though the contact looked clean!

I would check the continuity on all of the wires from top to bottom as I also had a problem with old wires and the insulation cracking.

Good Luck

Thanks for the reply. On the left side is the stator that goes into rotar that powers the lights ect... Yeh?? The lead comes out of there and hooks up with 3 wires under the seat.

On the right side is the pulse gen and the lead comes out of there and runs up frame and plugs into loom under tank where the coil, cdi is.

Thats what i mean, all i did was unplug 2 things took off harness and put back on and plugged back in.

My question is it the stator that generates the spark or the pulse gen??

All good guys, stupid me had the black and red ignition wire from stator in wrong plug. Well at least i learnt how ti check everything with multi meter. Thanks for ya gelp guys. Keep an eye open for restored 83 xr500r. Nearly done.

Great , a cheap fix :thumbsup:

Edited by backyard hack

Great well done .look forward to the pictures .I think it's about time we had some pics of awesome four strokes either original restores or like me specials with four stoke engines chopped in different frames !

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