New V-Strom Suzuki

Like the pics on of the new big Suzuki Adventure Bike. Hope to see one this spring. I'm in the market for a adventure bike.

Me too. They really remind me if the BMW's.

The newest VStroms they have out now are really nice. They feel thinner then the previous model, still tall seat height, and the ergos are all there. If your into it they come with ABS, however you can't turn it off. I have 2009 650 VStrom that I am considering trading in for one of the newer VStroms.

You can turn off the ABS, but it can't be done on the fly, or easily. You have to 'trick' the bike in the menu to not have ABS be active.

That's good to know, I really don't like ABS. I did some research about this and nothing came up.

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