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Motocross X games gold medal winner shows up at local track

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I was out in the sticks, at some private track.


A dude in a van pulls up; people swarm him, asking questions, just making conversation.


I am semi-listening, as I'm getting my gear on, trying to get ready to ride.


Finally I hear "What was it like winning gold at the X games?".  Huh, I probably heard wrong.


Gradually the crowd left him alone to get changed or whatever.  I checked out his bike; weird thing on left side of engine, and buttons on left handlebar.  I asked him what's up.


"I don't have a left foot", replied #5 "Monster" Mike Shultz.


Woah!  This guy has heart.  From what he had to go through, to win X games gold in more than one discipline, and more than once, is incredible.  It takes real spirit.


Anyway, I wasn't familiar with all of his accomplishments at the time (I saw all the Moto X stuff, but I don't remember who won anything at this point).  I searched for him on youtube when I got home, and remembered his x games win this year.


He was very cool guy, smiled a lot, seemed genuinely happy to be at this track with just some local guys in the middle of nowhere.


So if you're wondering how I did against an Adaptive X racer... I saw him on the track and took off after him.  I was ready to do battle.  I felt good, bike felt good.


He plain smoked me, pure and simple.


So me with two good legs is not as good as Mike Schultz with just one leg.


He explained his weaknesses when we were talking in the pits.  "Apparently" they were not enough to allow me to keep him in sight.


Man this guy has got a lot of heart.



While we were sitting there between rides, a guy wandered over, checked out Mike's bike, and asked "What's all this stuff on the side of your engine?".


"I don't have a left foot", replied #5 "Monster" Mike Shultz.


"No way!" exclaimed the guy.


"I get that a lot", Mike smiled back.










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Awesome story - just when you have a day and feel sorry for yourself or some crap all you need to do is meet someone like this and you realize how lucky we have it and take crap for granted. The thing that worries me the most is losing my right arm cause id never be able to hammer myself to porn effectivly with my left hand! :rolleyes:

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