Leaky fork seal.. adding oil in sff fork

hey guys my left (from behind the bars) fork is leaking and im not ganna be able to get it fixed before the race. Is there a way to add fork oil??


Pull the dust seal down and clean out

Get an old tear off or something similar, wrap around fork leg and push up past the oil seal in a swipe and wipe down motion dragging any debris that my be stuck up in there down and out the way.

Clean up good and spray with silicone or similar


fyi when a fork seal sweeps it almost always looks more dramatic than it is...5 ot 10cc of oil on the floor looks like a lot but the difference in fork action probably wont be felt by most in all honestly.

cant you add oil through the air bleeder screw?

Yep, You got a syringe?  If not then just get a measuring jug and be real careful

so if I add oil through the bleeder screw it will replace the oil that was lost? Just wondering if there are seperate oil chambers or something inside of the fork?

There is a separate (inner) chamber but for all intense purposes these don't mix.  Well they do a little when bottoming but for the sake of this question they don't and their separate.  The volume in the outer chamber (accessed by the bleed screw) is what helps control bottoming resistance or the air spring if you will.  Adding oil will bring this into effect sooner and reducing oil volume will bring it into play later in the stroke.


Hope this helps


p.s. the inner chamber is always a set volume - only the outer is volume tunable

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cool man thanks for all the help. Ive definitely went up prolly 3 clicks in the past two weeks (riding harder also) so im ganna try adding 10cc's and put it back to 12 clicks out and see how that feels.

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