2nd -2013 24hrs of Starvation Ridge update


  Weather forecast is DRY , http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/USWA0066?cm_ven=WOWs_voap&cm_cat=Generic&cm_ite=link&cm_pla=10-day)for the next 10 days!  Looking to be an excellent weekend for this year's 24hr.  No rain in the forecast, decent soil moisture from the September rains, should combine for epic conditions.

  Course is laid out with lots of rocks, lots of grass track( with a twist) course length of  around 20 miles( give or take 3 or 4).  Barret's bog will be back to tempt the mud puppies that can't stay away.


 Still a few spots left so if you have been worrying about the weather, now is the time to get your  entry in.


  Hoping to have another first in the team awards. Something I have never seen done, that I think will be very cool.

Looking forward to it!

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

My ass hurts just thinking about it

Steve, I heard you might have broke your hand? What happened?

In.a head on out dualsporting last sunday. Hit so hard my wrist blew the accra hand gaurds right out of the bar end. My whole left arm is useless right now. Rode a couple sweep laps last night, had a blast but was tough to hang on.

Holy crap! Dang! Well im glad it wasnt any worse than that. You still Ironmaning the 24?

155i, gotta at least beat all the girls

155i, gotta at least beat all the girls


I blew my shoulder up a couple weeks ago and can't solo it this year............so you should be able to accomplish that goal! ;)

Lol! Something tells me if your going to Ironman it, you plan on doing a lot more than beating the girls! The only 2 time winner probably doesnt enter if he doesnt think he can win again! Will you be out there Friday? Would like to say hello!

I might come up sat morning to less'n the camping effects on my girlfriend.

I want to ride at least 25 laps

Got sunburned out at the Ridge yesterday working on the pits!!  Beautiful weather!!


See you all soon,



Looking forward to another great year! 

DSCN6015.jpgCan't wait to see how we do with our 600cc class this year.

Great event OTBG. I really loved the course layout this year, even the rocks. Thanks to all the sweep riders and guys/gals working the checks.

The fog was the worst I have ever ridden in, didn't know if I was on the course or not, kept looking for the stakes and hoping I wasn't going the wrong way.

The heavyweight class was fun to watch. Glad I didn't have to wrestle the pigs around.

Scott and Debbie, thanks again,


A couple of pic's Kimi took,,





Looks like an awesome event Scott & Debbie!!!!

Another great event put on by the Over the bars gang.

 Thanks to everyone who stopped by our Teams pits and donated food for the Goldendale food bank.

 We had a blast riding our Adventure bikes against the 450's   a great battle all the way to the end.


Conditions and the track where the best that I can remember. Great job to all!!

Scott, Debbie, and the OTBG crew,


Just gotta say Thank YOU all for such a great weekend at the Ridge!!!  Great weather, great atmosphere, awesome layout, (fyi, us Montana boys still don't think there's enough rocks), and a fun time was had by all!!!  As always we are already planning the trip for next year!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the hard work you guys and gals put in to making this the one race I never miss for the 7th year in a row now!  



Ryan Streich

Half Fast Whee Todds team 54A

(yes, I was the guy in the pink tu-tu off the start but don't laugh, it is comfortable race attire)



Ryan Streich

Half Fast Whee Todds team 54A

(yes, I was the guy in the pink tu-tu off the start but don't laugh, it is comfortable race attire)

Did you face plant while running at the start? I think I was next to you while running.  Seeing a guy in a pink tutu face down in the plowed dirt- I nearly tripped laughing so hard.  The rest of the race is a little foggy in my mind after a fight with a rock at 4th gear but I remember that! I think...

yeah, Mopar.  I made it three steps and went face down in style.  I guess my feet couldn't keep up with my enthusiasm. LOL!!!  

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