Beta RS 520sm?

How's it going TT!


So I'm thinking about getting my first bike and I'm 95% set on getting a supermoto. I was leaning on getting the DRZ400sm since it comes in supermoto form from the factory. However, for about the same price there is a used Beta RS 520sm for sale with under 2k miles. 


First of all would that be an ok bike to start on and also are they reliable. I can hardly find much information on them.


Thanks in advance!

Yeah , the Beta is a good bike , what experience do you have ? .

Almost none. What little experience that I got when I was in Budapest on a scooter. I actually got pretty good at lane splitting. Can't believe its not legal in 49 states...

Would you consider it a good bike to begin with?

No , I would recommend a smaller , lighter bike to begin .

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