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Google Street View of the Honda Collection Hall in Japan- check this out!

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Have you ever been to the Honda Collection Hall at the Twin Ring Motegi race track in Japan?


Well now you can thanks to Google Street View.


You can walk around the entire complex and view all 3 floors of Honda Awesomeness.


Here is the link- allow it to load fully and it should start you off on the first floor. Normal google street view rules apply- You will see numbers 1,2,3 at the top left part of the screen; this allows you to access different floors.


Walk around and have fun-  I not going to tell you which floor Jeremy McGrath's 1996 CR250 is on or Aryton Sennas Formula 1 car. :D





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Wow, that is amazing.  Never knew google maps went inside buildings too.  Great find.


On floor 2 I saw two different Kawi street bikes.  I couldn't read the plaques below the bikes to get the full story.  What's up with that?

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