Does aqnyone know how you can get a yamaha card? And how much they cost? THANKS

Go to your local dealer and apply for the Yamaha card .If approved Yamaha (HRSI) will automaticly send you a card in about two weeks. It is good at any yamaha dealership. For parts acc., or bikes up to your credit limit.PT


Those thing are dangerous. My wife went down without telling me and signed her name on the dotted line and was approved on the spot. Her credit has some blemishes and she got 11K of credit. No way I could be mad at her though because me and my son both have 02's in our garage.

God Bless


If it doesn't fit on your SantaCard, then get more credit...

Yamaha offered me $13K more than I wanted, and they had me thinking for a while about a jetski , sorry, personal Water craft... they had one that appealed to me for just about that amount... I was happy to get the bikes and bits... But is is nice and warm here at the moment, and a bit of water fun, err, I mean cross training, would be nice, esp. if it comes with a trailer, just "sign here sir, we'll look after the paperwork" hitch it up to the car and drive away...

Tempted, but happy with the bikes at the moment... Now, what will I get next xmas? :)


I had to cut mine up and throw it away. If I kept going the way I was, I would currently be living in a cardboard box (by myself) behind the grocery store!!!!


No interest until March is great, if you can pay it off before then.

I'm with Ernie. That plastic stuff is dangerous! :)

The intrests will kill you pay that bitch off as soon as possible! :)

advising freely:

if you do want a credit card you must not in any case spent more than a limit pre-established according to your wages! remember that once out of control a credit card transforms rapidly in a dangerous weapon...particularly if women are allowed to use it!!!

see U !JP

600 XR

350 DR :)

If you are lookin at getting it because you want a new ride , then I would suggest NOT to get it.

Plastic is very dangerous.!!

I would go down to my credit union take out a $8000 / 8% loan and pay it off in 4 yrs at 180-200 bucks a month instead of $50/mo FOREVER!!! :D:)

I think those things are around 14%-18% depending on credit history!


Yamacard at least 18%-24% interest rate, looks good up front but carries very heavy long afterwards!!!!!!!! I agree w/ thumpin rock hucker.

Thumpin' in the city.

Look out scooters, here comes the thunder. :)

Depending on your means there's a couple of ways to attack it. Rock Hucker has a real good suggestion. If you own a home take out a second or an equity line of credit, at least you can write off the interest. Obviously the best method is cash (or have someone buy it for you). Remember that all credit cards are interest free, if the balance is paid off monthly. I use a credit card that gives me frequent flyer miles. It's bottom line cost to me is $50 annually. My wife and I have flown to Belize for free. I took myself and a friend to Montreal first class a couple of months ago for free, well $50. I don't claim to have all the answers but you can use your money to your advantage. Overusing credit is a dangerous game that many people play. Remember that the bike you're jonesing for now wont be nearly as sweet to the eye in a couple of years. I recommend if your just starting out buy a used bike in good condition with a loan from your credit union for the shortest term you can manage.


Anyone have the number to the Yamaha credit card folks?


Thanks for the replies i think i will steer clear of the card. Thanks

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