Riding/wrenching buddy...


Looking for a riding buddy or group in the B'Ham area.  Recently moved to the area, and riding alone is boring.  I have been out to Talladega Top Trails a couple of times...  My bike is much faster than I am, and I am still fairly new to riding in general, but I would love some company.


Also, along the same lines.  I need to rebuild my USD fork on my CRF250x and would like somebody who has done this before to talk me through.  I have most basic mechanic's tools, and a bunch of experience wrenching on cars, but this is my first bike wrench adventure.  Anybody available to drink my beer and laugh at me while I bust my knuckles and cuss at a bike?

I've been to Kentuck, great place for your 250x.


Careful, there are some spots that are dangerous, and never ride alone there. 

You can go, and then hook up with some riders when you get there.

Empire MX is north of you off of 65 you are welcome to come ride with us Sat. It is a very fun track. Mat will open track just about any time someone wants to ride give him a call first at 205-516-1925 He also has some trails.

There's also Minooka park in Jemison, south of b'ham, think they have 15 mi or so of trails and a lake to fish. I would say I'd join you for a ride but not sure if the pig can keep up. I do street and plenty of trail as the old girl was meant to

How did you like top trails?



Another trail that is fun.  Its actually 17 miles of trails.  They need to fill in some of the holes so go around the outside edges.

Flint Creek OHV trail in Bankhead National Forest.  The OHV trails are separate from the horse trails so you don't have to worry about them.  They run both directions so be aware of head on traffic and ride slower.

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