How many hours?

Going to look at an 09 300 xcw tomorrow. Just wondering how many hours is considered a lot for these bikes? It has roughly 250 hours, guy says the top end has been done twice since new. Looks good in the pics. Other than standard dirt bike inspection, any specific things to look for?

No one?

250 hours is good for an 09.  That's only 60+ per year.....heck, I do that in a few months.




Only thing about the the 09's is the electric starters are prone to failure but can easily be fixed. Other than that the folks I know who own them love them. 250 hours isn't much at all. If you purchase it I would pull it apart and grease/inspect all bearings, give it a good once over and ride!

Well i ended up bringing it home last night ;) starter has been rebuilt, and the bike has full service records at a shop sort of near me. Seems well taken care of, not a trailer queen by any means tho! New brakes, tires and chain/sprockets, suspention has already been done by sts for the previous owner, who conveniently is the same weight as me!

Pumped to go ride it!

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Any pics of the bike?

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