What the best advice you have ever given to young riders?

Hi All


My son (age 7) and I (age 38) started riding last Christmas (2012) and have really started to get into it. We ride at a mx track every weekend and I take the young fella out twice during the week to a mates track (small and tight corners)


I sit there watching him some days and I think he's riding like a little champion. Other days I feel we are getting nowhere. As I am not the young buck I once was, I have taken more to the role as coach. We have attended mx training where I took a LOT in and use what the trainer taught us as a guide to help correct his technique.


Whilst this appears to be working, I can't help but wonder what you other 'coaches' have done in the past, which when you look back on you think, "that was great advice".


So, my question is,"What the best advice you have ever given to young riders?".


Thank, Peter.

This is a great topic. I'm in the same boat as you trying to coach my 3 sons but I came from road racing and don't have much dirt experience. So far there hasn't been one thing thats really made things click for them. It's been constantly reminding them the fundamentals for body position, braking, cornering, and jumping. I try to pick one thing to work on everytime we go out. its a slow process but they've made a big improvement the past few months. Also, I've tried to get them good equipment so they at least don't have to worry about that aspect. The biggest improvement might have been when I found setups for their bikes they were comfortable with. They had been mid pack all year and after I made some changes to the bikes they were top 5 every moto.

There's only three things that are really, really important

"This is the Oh-Shit switch, you get in trouble, hit it."

"Look where you want the bike to go".

"Have fun."


Yes, you can teach him a few things, but kids figure a lot of stuff out on their own. You don't always need to be making progress, they're not going to be the next Travis Pastrana or James Stewart. Yeah, winning is fun, don't get me wrong. Seeing your kids win is fun too. You don't want to become a hockey parent. In this forum there's a letter from a young man to his dad as to why he's quitting - it just wasn't any fun to be under the pressure to win time and time again.

I also posted this question on another chat forum and received as lot of responses, this is my reply so far. I thought I would post it here to see if I could spark up some more ideas. Please feel free to make suggestions, it has become quite apparent that there are a lot of newbie dad coaches out there. Please help us..lol


Thanks everyone, my wife and I read all responses so far and realised very quickly that I MUST keep riding enjoyable and fun for him. Thanks for this great advice.

I must ask though, what about technique advice? For example, my son started to get sore knees all of a sudden. A quick review of riding revealed that he was placing his foot down around certain corners!!! My advice was, hey mate unless you want sore knees, especially later in life, you need to raise that leg up high and in-front. I also video taped him cornering, put it in slow motion which showed him the devastating impact it was having on his inside knee. It also really showed the shock through the body, let alone what it did to de-stabilise the bike. Now he "curses" himself every time he put a foot down when on the track. Give it a try, it's worth it!

Does anyone have something relating to technique that they feel was "great advice" to their young one.

Thanks, Peter.

Fast IS Smooth, the bike works better when you go a little faster.

Keep it fun , and I tell my son to remember to stand up as much as possible.

Thanks to everyone out there for your great advice. I have also posted this question this and another chat forum.....to date, this is what we (KTM50 dads) have so far: (in no particular order except the first)

2) Look where you want the bike to go. Look far ahead!
3) An earpiece/radio may help on some training days
4) Teach one riding fundamental per training session
5) Fast is smooth
6) At some point , it will all 'click'....patients
7) Only 1/10 of 1% of riders will make money doing this sport
8) Video tape cornering, starts etc. and watch in slow motion
9) Attack positions until your, "blue in the face"
10) Throttle twisting hand motions seem to be the best technique used by many parents.

Anyway, please keep them coming!

Cheers, KTM Dad (Newbie)

Wear all the gear all the time! 

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