Mud tire?

I have a ktm 200 mxc and I need a tire that works good in mud. I'll be trail riding 100% of the time. Any suggestions?

 Are you riding mud hole or wet, slippery, rocky, rooty, nasty, singletrack?  If it's the former, just tip you bike over and leave it there for the archiologists to find in a couple hundred years, in other words don't ride mud holes.  If it's the latter, I have been amazed with the Maxxis desert IT at 2-3 psi running the Nuetech Tubliss.

Muddy rooty rocky single track. Lol thanks

Pirelli MXMS (mid-soft) works very well in soft terrain, front and back.  If it's all dirt and mud, the tire will last a long time. 

I've had good luck with Michelin S-12's

Dunlop Geomax MX51... Great tire for wet trail riding. Its the hot ticket in kentucky anyway... I ain't scared of the mud.....

I have a dunlop geomax mx31 sand/mud tire mated with a tubliss, works great.

michilen s12

If it's the gnarliest of gnarly mud, the S12 is the ticket....

I am currently running the s12 front and rear. I found my new front tire, on the other hand I will be going back to shinko 524 120 for my rear.

IRC M5B rear and the dunlop mx31 front work well for me in mud sand and loam chunk a little in the rocks tho

using mitchelin starcross (hard compound) for the mud. Based in Ireland all we ride in is mud lol, very good tyre.

I have been impressed by Kenda Southwick and Millville tires. The new compound on the Millville resists chunking pretty well in the event that you run over the occassional rock or tree root. Deep and open knoby pattern works great in loose mud, yet throws the mud out at low enough speed.

What sort fo pressures is everyone running for mud with these tires?

What sort fo pressures is everyone running for mud with these tires?

depending how rocky it is 11-14psi or so

Running a s12 and have been very impressed when riding in mud/slick conditions. In hard pack not so much but for this time of year they rock!

On the back , the Dunlop 773 ,or starcross tires work good in sand , and mud. On the front I like the m12 , had a 756 Dunlop , but the m12 is much better.

Try the Kenda Sandmad, it's an AMA leagle paddle type tire. I have used it and it works great! It will be just fine on single track.

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