Son road with Hot Start on. Any damage?

My son road his 06 CRF450 for about 8 minutes with the hot start on.  he tightened the clutch lever too tight and then used the hot start to start the bike.  Well, the hot start lever didn't return and that left the hot start open during his 8 minute moto.  He felt something was wrong, too hot so he got off and packed up and went home.  He is in Florida and I'm on the West coast.  Sent me a picof the lever as he found it today, fully pulled open.


So, I am wondering what kind of damage could there be?  It was a brand new top and bottom end, all new bearings from main to counter shaft.  Fresh oil, and radiator fluid plus new over sized radiators.

Do not worry about it. 4S are very fprgiving and if run too lean (like from a hot start always activated) will simply be low on power or not rev. No damage other than to ego.

Turns out he had also not put the carb on all the way between the carb and the cylinder.  So, now that it's back together right and the hot start lever is free to close, it seems the bike is running fine.  He was afraid he might have cooked the rings or valves or something.

My concern would be if the carb had a massive vacuum leak at the manfold, that dirt might of gotten cucked in. Check the valve clearances.

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