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I suppose the classifieds would be more appropriate for this but I thought I'd check with the folks who own them. I'm looking for the KLX 140L model. Located in Southern WI, willing to drive a few hours for the right bike. Please let me know If you are willing to part ways with your steed, a little info and how much $$$$. A TTR 125LE would also be considered. Thanks!

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I don't have a KLX140L for you but was going to suggest that you consider a TTR 125LE since it appears there are way more of those out there and available for less $$$ than the few 140Ls I have seen for sale.... but I see that you already know that.


I too am in the market for a TTR125L for my kids to ride.  Just so you know, I am in WA State so we won't be competing for the same bikes! :)


I suppose I am just posting to affirm your choice in seeking a TTR125L or LE, I think it is a good bike for learners that don't have long enough legs for a KLX250S -  My daughter can ride my KLX250 if am on the back as her training wheels when we start and stop!


Good luck in your search and God Bless,



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