KLX 300/250 broken suspention studs

Hi guys I’ve just picked up a spare set of KLX300 front forks that have one missing and one broken stud for the front axle holder (HOLDER-FRONT AXLE) I can remove the stud no worries  but am chasing the replacement studs, They are screw in but are not listed any place i can see. Anyone have any great ideas on where i can get replacements? I know i can put a bolt in there but I’m not going down that path as its two that are stuffed not one. I saw mention on one post about Honda ones being used but I can’t find anything out about it.


Cheers for the help,


So no one has come across this before?

The local hardware store has them here...

Interesting I'm in the middle of nowhere i could check a engineering shop any idea what size thread and length? I was thinking m5 or 6? Thanks for the idea

I believe they are m6 and maybe 25mm long.

Honda XR400 uses the same stud and you can order them separately from Honda.

Thanks guys thats great ill order some

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