yamaha yz125wr engine swap

hi guys ive got a Yamaha yz 125 wr 2004 model and ive got a Yamaha yz 125 2006 model,i wanted to transfer the wr 04 engine into the yz 06 model frame just wondering if its possible.any help would be appreciated

Anything is possible.  The question is how much fab work do you want to do or are able to do yourself?


Since you already have the two bikes, why not just pull the engine out of the '04 and test fit it in the '06 chassis?  Check to see how it fits and what all you need to modify.  Then take lots of notes and pics and make up a howto on your project.  While we didn't get the WR version here in the states, I would bet that there are other riders in your neck of the woods who would be interested in a similar project.

ill give it a go this weekend.ive got a good welder who lives in the next town who would be glad to help me

If anyone can do it, it's you Australian's!!!!

yes that's right ill give anything a go just once if it doesn't work at least I tried

saw one forsale not long ago 05 chassis with an 01 motor didn't look like it took much work to do.

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