Picking an exhaust

Hey, I'm new to the forum, and I wanted to get some help picking an exhaust for my bike. I've got a 2006 CRF450r. My header pipe has been bent since I got the bike, and my silencer leaks around the end cap. I wanted to get a full system, but I don't really want it any louder than the stock setup. Also, I'd like to hopefully pickup a little power on the top end, its all low to mid power now. I was looking as the Yoshimura RS2, and I wanted to see what people thought of it or any other suggestions.




Best deal.

And better quality.

Everything else is over priced.

The MRD is a top quality system and has excellent after sales service .

I have a yoshi TRC system and a Pro Circuit system , the yoshi system is a mid to to end pipe , the Pro Circuit is more focused on top end .

Jetting is important

My neighbor has a MRD system on his 2011 CRF, and it does sound good. I rode his bike, but its so different from mine I have no idea how it would affect my bike. Is the Pro Comp 2 spec worth the $40?


Everything is stock on my motor except the air filter, so I'll go through the jetting if I end up getting a pipe

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