New project

What's going on fellow riders I own a 2004 yz450f is it possible to put that motor in a aluminum frame? What are the chances of it working? Thanks it's jut a thought.

You should search that subject.  There's been a lot of discussion about it.  In summary:


  • It can be fit to the '06-'09 YZ450 frame, but it wasn't made for it. All three hard points require minor fabrication.
  • The tilt of the engine is different, makes some stuff on top of the engine hard to get at.
  • The air boot will need to be extended
  • The aluminum frames don't have an oil tank.  The 250F has an external tank, so that may work.
  • The frame isn't lighter than the steel one


And when you can buy an '06-'07 for $2200, why do all that?

Not worth it to me.

I agree with Gray, you can pick up an 06 YZ450F for $2000 around here. If your 04 is in decent shape you could probably get $1600 or so for it, so you could be into a purpose built aluminum framed 450 with the better SSS suspension for $400 or so.

Thanks guys!

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