Massachusetts mx registration/title for canadian import? help!


I'm looking into importing a bike from massachusetts to canada this week and was wondering if anyone from MA could help me out, as per my knowledge and the current owners there is no registration/title for an offroad bike in MA.  You simply get the MSO (when purchasing new) and this essentially is your registration and title for the bike, as they cannot be registered/plated like other vehiclesicon1.png. Does anyone have experience with this?  Main reason I'm asking is to export it from the US the MSO and bill of sale is all good, no problem. However I'm being told to import it it requires a title, no matter what.. Ive been told 3 different things from 3 people at canadian customs/transport canada. that it )needs a title no matter what, 2) MA does not register such vehicles and so MSO is fine for import (along with the other paperwork), and lastly that 3) MA does not 'require'  to title the bike but you can...


I'm freaking out a little, all was set to pick it up and now some issues may have come up and no matter what I cant seem to find a solid answer from canadian customs.  The last guy, MA does not register adn MSO will be fine, mentioned looking at a chart they have to see what types of registration exist per state, btu someone else said they did and it 'can be titled' :/


I feel terrible calling the buyer and ducking out on this, I'm doing all the research I can but can't find anything solid yet.  So, id you know for a fact MA does nto register dirtbikes, or does, please let me know! or if you have any experience importing a bike into canada with ONLY a MSO




(yes i reported this, accidentally had it in teh wrong forum)

Make, model, year ?

2013 kawi kx250f

I don't live in Massachusetts, but live in Connecticut.


As far as I have been hearing and reading from Massachusetts riders, it's similar to how it is in Connecticut:


A KX-250F of any model year comes with a Certificate of Origin.

If you want an actual Certificate of Title, you get this by registering the bike for street riding.

If you want to register the bike for street riding, you need to make modifications to the bike in order for it to pass a Dept. of Motor Vehicles inspection.

If it passes the inspection, then you can register the bike for street riding.

After you register the bike for street riding with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, you get a Certificate of Title in the mail a few weeks later.


If I'm wrong about this with Massachusetts, let me know, somebody.

You need to tell your Border and Importation personnel it's an off-road dirt bike. If you say "motorcycle" they just assume it's a street bike. As long as you have the Bike's original Certificate Of Origin with you, clearly showing a transfer of ownership from the previous owner to you, and a Bill of Sale signed and dated by both you and the Seller you should be good. I have had guys drive my bikes into Canada with just this stuff. The seller's name needs to be exactly the same on the Certificate of Origin and Bill of Sale, of course. And having your name and address on the BOS that matches your Driver's License info is another good idea.

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