What stator to run lights

my son want's me to put a headlight on his '02 XR200R.

And do I need to change anything else?

Thanks in advance :ride:



Your stock stator will run about 50 watts, there are two unused wires coming from the stator. If you want to run halogen lights you need the AC regulator in the link below. If you want to run HID or LED lighting you will need a rectifier regulator and small battery




what he said. I run a halogen light on my bike with the use of a universal voltage regulator I got from royal distributing (01-154-15)

on my bike I just taped it in to the yellow wire and you just hook it up in parallel with the headlight feed, one wire on the regulator to the yellow and the other to the chassis 


just a side question, where in Ontario are ya? im up north of Barrie

Okay, thanks guys.


just a side question, where in Ontario are ya? im up north of Barrie

I'm in Sudbury.

ah cool, ive been up through there, never really stopped, seems like a nice area :thumbsup:

There's some really cool trails up here. Old logging roads.

I can run out of my back yard and run all the way up to Timmins.

And then there was light....

My stock '02 stator ran the headlight, taillight and brake light (all incandecent bulb) just fine.

I figure it must be an 80 watt stator or something.

Australian XR200 was street legal till about 87. They continued to use just a headlight from then on. You could probably get genuine Honda parts from Honda Australia.

Hey every body. I'm looking into plating a '82 xr200r for street use. I have been researching and am wondering if the '86-'92 charging system can be used on the '81-'83 bikes? The later stator seems to be capable of more output and that would really help run a decent headlight. The stock 25 watt 6v light is not very bright. I was planning on using a 12v regulator/rectifier, but a few more output watts would sure be nice.

Thanks for any help.

I did a similar conversion on a 82 engine.  My first was converting it to 12 volts by swapping the bulbs and adding an AC regulator, stopped blowing bulbs and had brighter lights.  Also 35watt headlight bulbs are available. 

My next conversion I swapped in later electrics for a bigger improvement in light brightness. You need to use 86+ rotor, stator and cover.  Two different stators avaialble; 86-88 has two wires out, 90+ has three wires out.  Both fit the 86+ side covers and rotors.  Both have a black/red wire for the ignition, the early a blue wire for AC lighting, the later a pink and a yellow wire for a rectifier. 

In 86 Honda changed the wire connections from bullett to a more modern connector plugs, so I also swapped out the entire electrical system.


The 90+ wiring harness has two pink wires that connect to the pink and yellow wires from the alternator, but they are a jumper (about 3" long) that shorts out the alternator. This is where you plug in a rectifier, either Honda or aftermarket.





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