any one in here from nc

hi im thinking about moveing over there to the states to nc n the new year and was wondering iff any ne could tell me wot the riding is like there and where u can go riding and help would be cool

I live in Va north or NC and there are quite a few areas to ride on the east coast. NC has a few tracks that I know of and VA has a few tracks also. Many mountains so there are also alot of trails. I ride mainly at the track I have at my house, but I do go to Birch Creek motorsports park occasionally and that is right on the NC VA border. As long as you got a thumper anywhere is fun to ride!! :)

I live in Cary, NC (Raleigh area) and we have a lot of places to ride, track and trail. It never really gets cold so riding is great all year.

-- charles

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