Forward risers and steering feel

I've been looking to get some up and forward risers for my DRZ such as the ones from barrisersonline but I'm a bit worried they might mess with the steering because the whole handlebars would then be following an arc instead of pivoting about the central point. Not sure if it would be enough to notice though. Has any who uses/has used forward risers noticed any major issues with this?

Take a look at mountain bikes. Most bar risers put the handlebar forward of the steering head tube. But most of their bars have very little if any rise to them.

In my experience, with our dirtbike bars having a rise to them, you need to keep the plane of the handlebar in line with or slightly behind the plane of the front forks/steering head tube/rake angle, or you get awkward handling. I would think, Same would be true mounting your bars in those risers.

Those risers look like the old Gen Mar risers. I had a buddy run those on his bike years go and he had no problems with them.

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