hey I'm looking at building a cr500

I need to know what year model Frame would fit what year model engine, also I need to know what bike I need to get the frame off (eg, crf250,cr250)

Are you talking about building an aluminum framed 500?

Are you talking about building an aluminum framed 500?

I'd rather an aluminum but I don't mind if it's a steel

Any aluminum frame will work for a 500 conversation. The gen 3 2stroke frames are the easiest! Which is an 02-07 cr 250. The gen 4 frames are one of the more difficult ones to convert. There is more cutting and motor mount relocation.

I did a gen 4 250f 500 conversation

Here are a few pictures



Go to Cr500riders,com for all your 500 conversion needs sign up and register free :thumbsup:

It's impossible to answer your question with an intelligent answer unless we know 1) your fabrication skills, and 2) your intended purpose for the bike. Why are you wanting to build a CR500, as opposed to buying a running bike?

I am using a 2004 CRF250R for my conversion, thats the same chassis that was preferred by Service Honda until they started using the later model CRF250r frames.

I am planning on using a dual exhaust from the 06 model so it looks cooler, lol. 

I would suggest doing a bunch of reading before you charge ahead with your project.  Bannedcr500riders.com and cr500riders.com are two great resources.  Info on the 500's is readily available if you're willing to look for it.

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