Value of 1994 Honda CR500,

I have a chane to pick up a 1994 CR500. The bike is really pretty clean despite its 19 year age. I can pick it up for $1,200. The pipe is in good shape, clutch pull is nice and smooth and lite. Rims and radiators are not beat up. It runs really just fine. I am really just interested in the motor for a 500af project eventually. I know that I have not posted any pictures, but how does $1,200 sound? Also, was there anything particularly bad about the 1994 year model for the cr500?

Thank you!

At that price, I would get it before someone else does.  Especially if it is in good working order.

and where in oklahoma is it at????  :devil:

It' was actually in Amarillo. We ride out there all the time at McKenzie Resovoir. Awesome place to ride.

sell the engine on ebay..................

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