Hi all


Does anyone have a link so I can find the numbers of parts for my 1998 xr250r


Just a pain in ass ringing and describing what i want; if had number of part it would make life easier


many thanks

OEM parts on rockymountainatv.com works well, or Service Honda website.



or click on the parts store at the top of the page.

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These are all good recommendations.


Rocky Mountain has a VIN# identification system.


Partzilla.com has a system where you can click on the part # and it tells you every year, make, and model bike a part fits. 

Thanks for all your replys it will make life easier and I wont sound like an idiot on phone ;)


On 1 of the site it says for American XR250r only... is there a difference between American/British bikes


I last thing is there any uk supplies (save on import duties/post)?


Many thanks

I use MRcycle because their microfiche is fast and it shows all part numbers while other sites only show part numbers they carry.  No price is listed if the part is not available.



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