Help a rider out wheelies

I have also posted this in the super moto forum so if you see it there it just me again. i thought putting here would help to.

I ride a DRZ 400 E (not the supermoto) and I can ride a wheelie out from 2 gear to 4th pretty good and for a good distance. I am trying to learn the balance point and feel like I am on it sometimes or it is just a few more inches back but I am not to sure. my question how far back do you have to go I am at the point that I go high enough I cant see the road in front of me because the plastic fender is up so high but when I hold a point on my throttle is still goes down slowly then I have to upshift in order to keep it up. I have seen vids of people looking under the handlebars with the front wheelicon1.png turned on way to see and that's why I think I got to go the few more inches back because I can barely see under the handlebars. so my question is that normal to be that high and if so should I go higher?

Any tips thx!

Also side note where a good spot to stand while learning how to stand and wheeling?


Honestly, I think the only way you will learn where the balance point is would be by going past it.

Be ready with the rear brake pedal and keep a finger on the clutch lever.

You know when you hit bp by getting that feeling that your about to flip. It's not a pleasant feeling. Then you keep the bike right in the edge of that by using small throttle inputs and covering the back brake, I would practice bringing a wheelie down by the back brake instead of chopping the throttle or running out of revs.

Find a place to practice, take off all the nice oem plastic/lights, take off the seat and wrap it tightly with a towel and practice till you get it. Balance points all depend on size/weight/position of rider, so there is no universal answer.

..AND, don't practice wheelies on the street.

okay cool thanks for advice, i practice on back roads where there is no cars in the country by all the farmers lol. I think i have got that BP a few times but when i am there my rear starts to sway a lot and i have to drop the front end. i started leaning back more and keeping my arms straight and i sit almost all the way right back towards the end of the seat. also when i am up how do u see where your going because i have to look to the side but that is what starts my bike to sway.


it would be really nice to learn on a beater bike.  :)

yea to bad  I don't have the funds for one as I am a student lol

I'm no expert but u should be able to shift your weight around while on the back wheel. I can see over my bars while sitting bit I'm rather tall.

When u shift gears do u clutch or just bang it in?

I have the balance point but I'm not to good at shifting up through the gears.

If you are trying to learn to wheelie and find the balance point in gears 2-4 I see very serious pain in your near future.  You do not learn learn how wheelie (or any bike control for that matter) by starting out at high speeds.  Stay in first gear, cover the rear brake, and learn how the bike feels when it goes past the balance point.  Gently tap the rear brake when this happens.  At least you might have a shot of learning bike control without killing yourself.     

I'm no expert but u should be able to shift your weight around while on the back wheel. I can see over my bars while sitting bit I'm rather tall.

When u shift gears do u clutch or just bang it in?

I have the balance point but I'm not to good at shifting up through the gears.

I just release the the throttle then shift it up and then get back on the gas i dnt use the use the clutch becuase when my wheel is up i still find it hard to use the clutch atm. i am 5,11 so i dnt know how tall u are or where u sit but i am about a fist or so from the back of my seat.

U know what rocker01 I'll have to agree with u I have started out using 3-4 gear doing wheelies.

In 4th I'll get up to 100 odd km on the back wheel. If I ever come off doing that speed I'm going to f#%k myself up.

Ill practice wheelies in first and teach myself to control the bike more.

I don't feel like diying any time soon

yea since I change my gears I like to practice in 3 rd now used to use my 2nd gear but its to choppy now so still I get more control Ill start popping from lower gears. I have tried using 1st and it comes up to quick I just drop it back down lol. lately just been learning how to do stand up wheelies

Recently I've been putting a lot of time in on a mountain bike practicing wheelies. The thing I've noticed is that when I am IN the balance point, that is when I start loosing control. I have no control of speed, (more peddle power sends me over backwards) and if I stay in the balance point and cost for a bit, I can fall sideways. I'm only in control when I'm past the balance point pulling the break to bring the front wheel down, or peddling bringing the front wheel up to the balance point.


My dad had a motorcycle magazine a few years ago that had and entire article on how to wheelie.  (I think it was dirt rider magazine). I don't remember all of it but the two things I do remember is that the guy teaching/writing the article said he NEVER sat down, always wheelied standing up. AND he always drug his rear brake. I don't think he ever really rode IN the balance point. He rode close to it. The constant rear-brake-drag gave him more control of the wheelie with his throttle. I remember him saying that it is always tough to learn how to even pull a wheelie while dragging the back break. But he said he had the back brake on before the front tire ever left the ground. Also if the wheelie ever really got away from him, he just had to add a little more back brake and bring it back down. (Instead of panicking and slamming his foot on the brake and the front end on the ground. Good bye fork seals.)


I have never really mastered this. I still wheelie on my dirt bike sitting down. But I have noticed on my bicycle that the higher I have the seat, the bigger the balance point is and the easier it is to find. (I think it's because of the leverage of the seat post on the rest of the frame). I wonder if standing, as awkward as it may be at first, may give similar leverage on the bike. Trials bike riders wheelie standing all the time.


Best of luck to you.


PS. Keep a couple of rear fenders on hand. Or just take it off while you are practicing. Of the three times I have wheeled over, I always needed a new fender...

That's pretty much it man, just practice, it's really hard for me anyways to use the rear brake, my body just doesn't want to do it, but yes the rear brake is where it's at for long bp wheelies.

Also forget 1st gear wheelies, the throttle is too twitchy, go for atleast 2nd, that will give you a little forgiveness until you get better throttle control, cause a big throttle input in 1st will loop you.

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