belray synthetic blend 10-40 in 12kx450

I been using royal purple an just bought this beltay an wanted to make sure if its good oil or not? Also my bike leaks oil out overflow hose when I turn bike off any ideas on what this could be? Was using royal purple 10-40

I don't know about those oils but due to recommendations on many sites I switched my KX450 and Ducati to Rotella T.

I use 10w 40 in mine mate and they spit it out the overflow when thers to much in .....does your kxf have a lot of engine braking on de-acceleration mine has I dnt knw if thers a problem or its just me being a paranoid lol

Are u using belray? An no I havebt noticed anything with the engine braking that's out of the norm

No motul oil mate and think its just me being paronoid lol

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