Drz 400 sm steering lock trouble

Guys I have lost the key to my steering lock, I need to have a new lock fitted or a key made up but I don't no how to remove the lock, I've ground off the flap covering it as I thought they may have held it in, now I'm pretty stuck what to do, any ideas?


Man... Tough luck. I haven't even found a place to make copies of my steering lock key yet. I only have the one key and it makes me nervous as hell. Hope somebody shares some knowledge for you. Wish I had some.

Cheers mate yea it would be nice to be able to use it again, I have disc lock alarms and chains and padlocks also so it's still safe

But a steering lock is a good deterrent to add to the list

I know this is drastic, but what about removing the tripple clamps, can it not be removed moving it into the steering stem area?

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