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Kick start with BD kit, no spark.

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So i recently acquired a 2001 DRZ-400 (kickstart only converted to street) that needed some work done on the kickstart gear. Found and replaced a broken plastic gear for the oil pump. 

After putting it back together and filling it up with fluids I went to kick it over and got no spark. 

-Wiring is complete and neat. 

-Bike ran before the kickstarter problem (thats with the nice and neatly installed BD kit. 

-previous owner reported that he knew there was an electrical problem, thought it was the coil. 

-lights and trail tech gauge lights up when kicked over.


Interventions taken so far: 

-New plug 

-New (used off ebay) Coil off an 2001 DRZ400. 

-Checked wiring, read 24v when testing the hot wire at the coil with kick.

-Still no spark when grounding plug. 

Ive worked on this project with a moto friend but neither of us know much about dirt bikes. Mostly vintage japanese bikes. 

Any ideas? 


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It is CDI ignition so the only power to the coil is a pulse from the CDI.  You want to look for power on the orange wire to the CDI box.


My guess is the Baja Designs kit has an interlock/OFF that you do not have turned on.  Disconnect the "kill" wire.  Also assure the CDI box is for the kick start model.  FAQ has identifier numbers.


Bad stator is always a possibility.  Coils never go bad.

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Good news everybody, 
There was some debris in the Stator. Runs like a top again. 
Ill be coming back here to the forums for more good info later I am sure! 

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