yz/wr400 or crf450?

 I was looking for a used 250f, but i noticed the early model yz400fs were cheap and apparently the most reliable 4 strokes. Im coming off of a kx100, and i need a 4 stroke, so no two strokes. also, how do the early model crf450s do compared to the yz400f? how about the wr400? im 5'6, so ergonomic wise id like a smaller bike. i ride a straight jeep trail, and turns are only in the sand pits. how would any of these work coming off of a kx100? thanks for any replies

Can't comment on the crf but I have a yz426 which is the same as the 400, I'm 5 foot 8 inches tall and 30 inch inseam and I can just barely tiptoe with the bike perfectly upright... It differs between bikes and seats and sag settings but the wr and yz 400s are fairly tall, also you might have a bit of a hard time getting the leverageto kkick start it as it has no electric start... I would be more concerned with weight however, I don't know how much you weigh or how fit you are but they are rather chunky bikes, mine weighs over 270 with desert tank full. But they are great bikes! Crap load of power and can keep up with other bikes many years newer! Also about as reliable as they come, xr or drz is the only thing I can think of that comes to be so reliable... But the wr and yz 400 are in a whole different class performance wise.

Also people always bitch about starting old wrs and yzs but if you know of the process it will start up first kick on the coldest morning.

Crf looks better though Imo. If you wanna get a 450 you could look for an early wr450, they can be had for Damn cheap and I think they might have had e start?

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When considering buying old four strokes , beware of buying other peoples problems . They need to be maintained and rebuilt , look for proof of engine work ,

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