Dislocated left wrist and broken radius

2 Saturdays ago, severely dislocated wrist and broken radius. Surgery the following day. Plate and screws put the bone back together, pins holding wrist bones and ligaments in place will come out in 8 weeks. Hard splint taken off today, stitches removed including the stitches in my palm from carpal tunnel release done during surgery to try to alleviate the numbness from the nerve damage. I now have a cast for 8 weeks (will replace the cast with new in 4 weeks).

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July 4th 2010 (age 47) MX racing I suffered a distal radius fracture and joined the titanium club with 9 screws. Was back on the bike in November for some end of the year practice. Therapy was key and I'm a pretty quick healer. The hardest part about riding that I didn't expect was the braking bumps and how much wrist strength it took to hang on. Unfortunaley August 17th this year (2013) as I was chasing points in a 50+ class and leading the series, I  was trying to finish a moto after getting bumped and had gone down, got up and I got run over while being lapped and suffered a broken shoulder and severely shattered humerus. Now I have 22 screws and a nine inch SS plate. I also had my bicept muscle relocated away from the shoulder to avaiod infection. Very weak now.  I am 2 months post surgery and getting better every day. I plan to take a year off from racing this time and hope to get back to the ameratuer level I was once up to. Stick with your therapy and do more than they ask, pain will tell you what is too much. They say that the radial nerve heals at 1mm a day for the length of the damage. That is my biggest complaint. Mine was stretched out preety good and some days my thumb is numb and drives me nuts.

Damn!! Sorry to hear that! I am 48 this is my first broken bone in my life, my first major injury from riding. My nerve damage is definitely a bummer, my pointer finger and thumb are still very numb 2 and a half weeks since my injury. Had carpel tunnel release surgery as part of my overall surgery to try and relieve the numbness, helped a little but only time will tell how good it will get. Good luck to you!!

John I saw an old post of yours when you broke your wrist. How did it turn out after PT. I'm 55 and broke my Radius 6 weeks ago and my xray looked a lot like yours. I get the cast off on Monday but my hand and fingers are real swollen and I cant make a fist or straighten my fingers. I didn't get any plate or screws. I'm hoping you made out good so I can expect the same. It is my throttle hand though. I sprained it last January and it took me until May to ride, this seems a worse.




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