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2006 250 sxf ignition timing question

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I don't know if anyone will know this on here but it's worth a shot.


I have a husqvarna 610 that I own and have been playing with.  The CDI decided to take a dump and they want a wad of cash for a new one so I am playing with different CDI's off different bikes.


To test my theory, I got a super cheap chinese cdi off a lifan something or other as it had a similar wiring setup as the husqvarna.  Wired it up and bike fired up great.  Took it for a run and it's a little flat.  not got the same zip as before so i have decided to try something else.


Got my hands on a cdi off a 2006 KTM 250 sxf as the KTM's have same setup as the husky.  Wired it up, Got a nice fat spark, but the bike will not start.  Sprayed some starter fluid into the carb and got a big old bang back thru the carb.


removed the ktm CDI, plugged the lifan back on and the bike fired up.  It's werid as it should work. CDI get's charged by the exciter coils and then is supposed to fire with the pulse coil. Only thing I can think of is the KTM is supposed to fire in a different position to the husky.  I can't seem to find out where tho to see if i can adjust the husky to accommodate it.


Any help would be great as if i can get it to work, i can then look at the tuned version of the CDI

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