Not Sure What Bike To Get

I am 15 years old. Now I am looking for a new dirt bike. one that is tough as nails, can cop a beating and with the lowest maintenance possible. Now I am not the type of person that goes on little trail rides and just manages to get mud on my mud guard. This bike will get thrown around. Because I live on a property, I do all sorts of things with it. like long hours mustering, shooting, hog tying feral goats, pigs etc. I am 6 foot 3 and 110 kg. I am fairly big for my age so I still have a bit to grow. I have been saving up and I almost have enough to get a 2nd hand bike. Now I don't want a 450 because they are too much power for me. So I have been looking at bikes such as a WR250f, CRF250X, DRZ400 and the XR400. out of these I have been more inclined to go the XR4 purely because it is not water cooled. Because the problem with a water cooled bike is the over-heat quite quickly when poking slowly behind cattle or something like that. The XR4 however is air cooled which is a bonus. The only thing I am worried about is the XR400 being underpowered because they are quite old bikes and/or being a bit small. i would really appreciate a bit of help with my decision :)

The XR sounds like the perfect bike for the intended use you describe. They are reliable, require the least maintenance, fun, and can be a great tool.


The 400 is what you need... However, the drz400 has a built-in fan and isn't high strung like the new 450's,so it'll run cooler.

The XR 400 is a good bike , finding a nice one is the challenge

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