Finding my VIN

Would really appreciate some help on this, I'm trying to find the VIN on my WR 426. I pulled the headlight assembly off and have checked the frame head and do not see any indication of a VIN. The bike has a black frame and it seems to be a factory paint job. I was thinking that one of the previous owners had repainted the frame but it's way to clean of a job for that to be the case, and I would really hate to sand down the frame and find out theres nothing there.

I have found the engine # is there anyway I can use this to determine the VIN? Or is there another location for the VIN on these bikes?

Any ideas or suggestions would be great, I've been scouring the internet for some time now and have yet to find anything helpful.

I don't believe there is factory black frames on WR's. It's probably powdercoated. My frame is powdercoated and I can't see it too. Powdercoating give that factory look. Here is my frame PC'ed black.





It is most likely powder coat, I have my YZ426 frame done with wrinkle black powdercoat and you cant see the VIN or any traces of it. I just hope no officers pull me over.

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