49er Enduro Sunday 10/27


The 2013 49er Enduro is on for Sunday October 27th at Elkins Flat. 


The Polka Dot MC are glad to announce that we have been informed by the Forest Service that the suspension of our special use permit (due to the government shutdown) has been lifted, and we can run the 2013 49er Enduro on our scheduled date, Sunday October 27th.  Look for a fun course of 80 miles or so, its a timekeeper, but there will be plenty of resets, free time, etc, that should get everyone back on time after the test sections.  Plenty of room for post-entries, sign-ups will be open Saturday evening and Sunday morning.


Here are links to the flyer and route sheet:




Should be a good time for everyone, hope to see you there.

Looks like great weather this weekend for the 49er! We will have plenty of room for post-entries, so come on out for a nice 80 mile cruise through the woods.

We are expecting dry conditions, so we will be running three riders per row. I haven't been up there recently myself, still recovering from a broken arm, but with the rain we had a few weeks ago it shouldn't be too bad. We never know what to expect though, last year we were busting through almost two feet of snow on Thursday and Friday, thought we might have to cancel, then by Sunday it was near perfect conditions. We just hope for the best, and deal with what nature gives us.

Of course we don't have exclusive use of the area for the event, so if any of you are planning on being up at Elkins trail riding Sunday BE CAREFUL!  We use pretty much the whole place, and the course will be well marked/arrowed, so if you are up trail riding try to follow the direction of the trail markings so we don't have any head-ons.

Hope to see many of you up there Sunday riding the 49er!

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