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Lost a bunch of oil

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So I did an oil change earlier in the week, and apparently I have reused the crush washer too many times, when I got off work today I found a huge pool of oil under my bike!

Luckily I noticed it before riding, since when I dumped the rest of the oil out of the bike I only had around 3/4 of a quart left.

Found a bunch of replacement 12x1.5 crush washers at cycle gear for $3.99, I will be changing the washers every oil change from now on.

I got lucky, but be careful when you change your oil! Change that washer!

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interesting usually a crush washer won't leak a lot  just weep

Yeah it leaked at least half a quart, but I think I might have lost some earlier while riding and not noticed, I got into work before the sun came up.

The crush washer was in really really crappy shape, totally smashed up. The inside edge wasn't even flat anymore, it was flanged up, I think that is why it didn't seal.

I don't usually change them on cars or bikes but I will definitely do that from now on

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