Stuck flywheel on a 81 PE400

Im trying to pull the flywheel off of my PE400 to change the coils but it wont budge. I have the proper puller but it just wont come off of the taper. I tried heat, penetrating oil and tapping on it with a dead blow while I had pressure on it with the puller but nothing works. Anybody have or had a similar issue and got any tips?

Have you tried harsh language or a menacing stare?

Sorry I don't have any proper suggestions for you man. It sounds like you've already done everything I would've tried. Good luck

Keep working at it! Some of them are on pretty damned good!! I find heating the flywheel around the crank stub, without heating the stub works best. |SOmetimes, getting the puller cranked as tight as you can, then a good sharp rap on the puller bolt with a real hammer pops them loose

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