2007 crf250r temporary smoking

I have a 2007 Crf250r and i was riding and i tipped over on a turn i got off shut the bike off and picked it up. When i started kicking it the bike would blow white/blue smoke out of the exhaust and when i got it running it was just smoking white/blue. I just had the motor rebuilt 13 hours ago so i couldnt imagine it was something with the motor. My assumption would be oil going through some sort of vent tube to the airbox and sucking it through the motor. I took the spark plug out and it was clean but there was oil on the top of the threads. We figured the carb was clogged so we took it off and one of the jets was clogged so we blew compressed air through it. We noticed the throttle cable was really oddly broken so we didn't finish putting it back together. Does anyone know anything about this? Any help will be appreciated.

I am having the same issue

I found my problem and it might be yours also.

there is a one way valve between the crank cases that was leaking oil through.

Well really mine was completely broke off.   I found it loose on the ignition side of the cases.

To inspect:

Once you have the ignition cover off there is a oil passage on the bottom at about 12:25 deg

you can shine a flash light in the oil hole and see if the flap is still ok.

To fix it you have to split the cases.

You can view a picture of the part I am talking about on OEM parts at motosports com.

Under "crankcase"  Its part number "7"

part # 18601-MBW-003




Let me know if this helps anyone

This is actually my friends bike, and when he took it to the shop they told him he had bad gas. That was a relief considering he spent $1100 on a new motor! Thanks for the help!

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