Wr250f best front tire in rocks

I'm looking for the best front tire for my '08 WR250f. I ride mostly really rocky areas with a lot of jagged loose rock about the size of football or larger.

I'm pretty set on the Maxxis desert it for the rear but I hear the front tire version isn't the greatest. What do you run and what do you recommend for running in the rocks?

I run the same stuff in AZ and have had good luck with the Kenda Parker DT with a moose bib. I too am a huge fan of the desert IT on back.

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It's rocky here and I've had Maxxis desert ITs on 2 bikes and they have worked fine for me.  Maxxis HT previous set on current bike and they were chunking knobs off after a couple seasons.  

I'm a big fan of the Dunlop D952's for rocky terrain, very durable tires.

Pirelli MT-16; RMMC has them. East-coast riders use them. I do as well for desert and mountains. They stick better/last longer than any other brand I've tried.

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