shortening front brake cable 84 xr 250

My brake cable is too long.  Is it possible to shorten the cable or can I buy a shorter universal cable that will bolt on to the res and the caliper?


By "cable" you mean hose. Galfer makes aftermarket hoses. Whats been messed with in the suspension that makes it too long?

The front brake hose on my 1984 XR250 is longer then it has to be, but it doesn’t hurt a thing. Just looks kind of funny sticking up above the number plate. Ride, it will be fine.

It works fine but just looks out of place and I am concerned it will hook up on something when riding.   My preference would be to shorten the existing one however I believe I would require specialised tools has anyone shortened a line themselves?  I have spent minimal money restoring this bike so far by fixing/reconditioning existing parts and I am going for original look so do not want a braided line.  The 250 line is approx 1400mm I think it may have been replaced as my 89 xr 600 line is approx 1300mm long.  1200-1250mm replacement would be about right. 

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