New Enduro bike help

Im buying a new enduro bike soon but i really dont know what to go with. Im 15, 5'7 and 120lbs. Whats a good bike for me?

What's your ability? First bike, moving up from another? There are a lot of good makes and models to choose from. When I was your age I rode a 200 2 stroke, cheep to maintain, easy to work on, light and great for aggressive riders. If your a beginner or haven't been riding long the modern 4 strokes are great trail bikes too. Pick the flavor that fits into your budget.

I assume you mean enduro, as in racing and not dual sport. I don't know what your physical ability is, but make sure it's something you can pickup and get on/off on the trail easily. some bikes can be pretty heavy. 200cc 2 strokes are great bikes for enduros. if your budget allows, a ktm 200 is a good choice, since you won't need to do much to it to make it race ready. then there are used kdx200/220, which are great all around trail/enduro bikes, but you might need to upgrade the suspension in order to make it more competitive. also, several of the younger guys are riding 125cc  2strokes in our enduros. they are light and have pretty good power, but you really need to learn throttle control/clutching in the tight/technical stuff, since these bikes are peaky. for just putting around, a xr200 or other 4 stroke trail bike, is a lot of fun. I have even entered and finished full enduros with a '83 xr200r. 

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Im an intermediat rider and currently on a ttr125. im looking for something with way more power

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