Neck Support or Neck Roll?

I am trying to decide if the lower end neck brace is any better than a neck roll. We are woods riders and need some movement for turning our heads. I was looking at the EVS R4 neck support and the Alpinestar Neck roll. I really cant afford the good neck brace's and i have never used either in 40 years of riding. But I figure its time to add some protection for me and my teenager. So whats your guys opinions on these??

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I don't think the EVS R4 is a bad product by any means.  I bought two of them as backups earlier this year.  We have tried them on, but never needed them.  Still in their boxes.  We run Leatt because Liam is strictly motocross and has proven himself to need the best I can find.  The GPX Pro Lite he wears is very light and low profile, but the R4 doesn't seem all that restrictive either.  The neck roll idea is off my radar, so I can't really comment on it.  I am sure you'll get lots of other opinions, which is good.  

If it were me, I'd go with the EVS R4. Neck rolls don't offer that much protection.

I have a pair of EVS R4 in the mail coming.

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