crf100 sounds like clutch

only after the bike gets hot starts making a clicking sound sec. or two after engagement could b a basket sound , bad clutch plates, im not sure bike is new to me just the carb bog out of it now i find this ha ha ...does it after every hard shift , every gear , maybe some thing in gears ???????????? anyone know

ok so i tried the search thing couldnt find ne thing thaT sounded like my problam PLEASE HELP it sounds like a swing arm pop but that is tight has ne one experienced a click in drive train after engagement ...?? once i thought mayb i heard this second much fainter release sound when i let off the gas and coasted still in gear............... 

Is your chain way too loose? If you shift slowly the chain will slacken a bit because the wheel is pulling the other end. If you don't understand what I'm saying go roll your bike back and forth and you'll see the chain tighten and slacken. When you let out the clutch while giving it a lot of gas it will pull out this slack fast, causing a snapping sound as the chain tightens. Also try revving it while riding, like going from idle to 75% throttle a couple times while in gear and clutch all the way out. You should feel a jerking and hear a clicking or ticking from the chain.


If I'm right about the problem, which I may not be, tightening your chain will solve the problem and either stop the sound or make it quieter. If this doesn't fix it then it might be more serious and I can't help you in that case.


My 91 XR100 makes a clicking/snapping/ticking sound when I shift hard or if I rev it while riding. My chain is loose, but the rear sprocket is badly worn and needs to be replaced so that causes the need for a loose chain.

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Clutches don't go "bad"

The can wear out and start slipping

Never make a clunking sound

And compose a sentence we can understand, can't help if we can't read your problem

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